Practice is the key of success in IAS exam

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ and this age old principle holds good for Civil Services Examination as well. Whether it is prelims, mains or interview, regular practise tends to improve your performance in a number of ways which are as follows-:

1) Regular practise with tests makes you aware of the scope of syllabus considered for examination.

2) You get an opportunity to understand the range and depth of the questions being asked.

3) You get conditioned to the the examination environment.

4) Practise instills confidence and gradually reduces the element of insecurity.

5) It exposes your strength as well as weakness which is so crucial for your strategy to deal with this examination.

But it is to be noted that practise by itself is not a guarantee for success. The what,how and why of practice is very important.

If you have not studied well and your preparation is conceptually deficient tens of practice will be useless becoz you will be committing the same mistake time and again. In fact your limitations will get systematized to your disadvantage.

Further there is no meaning of practice if you do not get adequate feedback.As far as main examination is concerned, you should at first be aware of the ‘Model’ of answer writing, the basic and universal principles of good writing otherwise it will end up as a ritual only with no value addition.

The teacher conducting tests should be intellectually sound otherwise he won’t be able to expand the scope of your answer and better learning.

You should meet the teacher personally to learn the nuances of good answer writing. On line test series can be preferred only when it is not possible to meet teachers.

We at IIIASA, are running a comprehensive ‘Short Duration Strategic Orientation course’ for IAS Mains 2016 with focus not only on answer writing skills but also a crucial elevation of intellectual response of yours to the given conditions.

11 Tips to remember while join coaching institute for IAS

Are you going to join Coaching Institute for IAS?

11 Tips to remember:-

1) Do not get swayed by Brands

Because -> the teachers there may be sub ordinary who thrive under the name of brand.

2) Do not get swayed by the advertisement claiming 5 in top 10, 26 in top 50, 62

in top 100 and a total of 3167 selections and…………

Because -> in more than 90% of cases statistics are manipulated or manufactured altogether.

3) Don’t get swayed by claims like best study materials and notes

Because -> if they don’t teach you properly, notes will be useless.

4) Don’t get swayed by glorified seminars boasting of the presence of former Secretaries, DG police, Judge or toppers

Because -> they come very often for marketing only. Further, they can be a pathetic teacher with no idea, energy and willingness to see you through.They lack that rigour to work with you with a missionary zeal. They are not the ones to teach you on sustained basis.

5) Don’t get swayed by offer, discount and other hospitalities

Because -> this is a matter of syour career.

Remember, good teachers and doctors are costly but bad teachers cost more.

6) Do not join the branch of even reputed institute as far as possible

Because -> most of them are there for brand encashment and their best teachers teach in the main centre only. They don’t give you much time and attention which you deserve.

7) Do not get swayed by claims in terms of academic degrees and places like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or London, California ……….

Because -> Good teachers are not the monopoly of any place and ability and skill related to teaching do not always converge with academic degrees as far as India is concerned.

8) Do not get swayed by the infrastructure like campus, library, online facilities, AC hostel, canteen and other gratifications

Because -> all such things will be totally useless if teachers are not the best in their respective domain.

9) Do not seek the advice of any tom, dick and harry regarding what to do.

Because -> an ignorant, stupid and distressed person cannot give you correct advice, he will pass on to you his own prejudices and wrongful presumption.

10) Do not get swayed by the common belief that Coaching institutes are there to make money only with mechanical approach

Because -> black sheeps are there in every profession. Some Coaching institutes have brilliant teachers who can teach you in 6 months what tens of University teachers put together cannot teach you in three long years.

11) Do not harbour this idea that you ,being a mediocre student, make it to IAS

Because -> the present syllabus has largely brought a level playing field amid different streams and the questions are designed to check not only your formal knowledge but also your attitudinal response.


In the interest of all IAS Aspirants

Sajjan Pratap Singh

Director, IIIASA.

IIIASA is the best choice for IAS coaching in Jaipur

The distinct identity of this educational institution lies in its philosophy of teaching. Away from the cut and thrust of competition which very often leads to shift of focus from teaching to marketing, IIIASA keeps core teaching and learning in the center where the courses begin with an assumption that students know nothing and gradually it assumes momentum to conform to the standard required. This strategy has always proved itself given the performance of the students. It is to be noted that students who come from different academic background may not be equally conversant with subjects like polity,economy,history,geography and science etc. Therefore, one needs to give adequate time to build foundation so that the environmental developments around could be appreciated.

It is a painstaking exorcise which demand professional competence, high level of energy and a genuine willingness to see the students growing. Unfortunately, most of the institutes fail to do so, more particularly the Brands based in Delhi. Their faculties keep running from one branch to another which means you are pulled in different directions and your preparation gets fragmented. It is history for 10 days then Geography for 15 days ……………and so on.

At IIIASA, things are totally different. It takes 8 to 9 months of rigorous preparation
Which includes meticulously designed movement from a simple interactive session to the advanced stage characterized by interdisciplinary analysis of issues in public domain.

Further, the high quality of education at IIIASA ( Jaipur) which has no branch, emanates from the fact that Mr. Sajjan Pratap Singh, the Director, himself leads from the forefront to provide a firm foundation to you preparation for IAS. A member of Rajasthan High Court and the former Editor of a national magazine, he remains unparalleled in the realm of IAS coaching. No doubt, accompanied by a team of accomplished faculties, IIIASA provides the most conducive environment for Civil Services preparation.
Further IIIASA is among few coaching institutes in India let alone Jaipur which enjoys the rare distinction of training senior Govt. Officials successfully.
IIIASA is the only coaching institute in Jaipur which submitted, with due acknowledgement, a comprehensive reformist agenda for Civil Services in India to no less than our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.
IIIASA, therefore is rated as the best IAS coaching institute Jaipur by students particularly in the wake of the changing pattern of examination which focus more on environmental dynamism.
Besides General studies, IIIASA remains unmatched in Public Administration coaching and in the recent past the Institute has returned many toppers with the highest ‘ success to enrollment’ ratio.